Friday, January 15, 2016


Here is a list of Facebook pages we are hosting - the fastest way to get in touch with us:

AJ-Images Facebook page

Here you can find up-to-date information about Andrea's & Jens' film work, including their upcoming documentary ON THE ROAD TO AL JOLSON. You will also be able to see preview clips, outtakes, trailers and unused material you will find nowhere else. So come, check us out.

FLAp Podcast Facebook page

This is our Film, Literature and Art Podcast (FLAp) page on Facebook. You will find video episodes on different topics here. It also features interviews and gives you talks on material we created as documentary filmmakers.



This is a collaboration of Andrea Oberheiden-Brent, Nigel Dreiner, Andrew Serio and Al "Vlad" Simmons. You will find audio episodes on the world's greatest entertainer and fascinating discussions on that Facebook page.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Young Rudy Wissler loaned his voice to Scotty Beckett who played Al Jolson as a young boy in THE JOLSON STORY (1946). At that time, Rudy's wonderful work remained uncredited as the studio did not want dubbing artists to be recognized  - a common practice at the time.

We met Rudy in Philadelphia in 2006, shortly after we had started to work on our upcoming documentary ON THE ROAD TO AL JOLSON.

Rudy was a sweet man with a wonderful voice as you can hear in our short trailer.If you'd like a copy of the film, please visit our website.

FLAp Podcast INTRO

Check out our brand new FLAp Podcast INTRO while waiting for the completion of our third episode which will come with a very special guest from ROBIN WILLIAMS' final dramatic film BOULEVARD starring Kathy Baker, Roberto Aguire and Bob Odenkirk, directed by Dito Montiel.