Monday, December 28, 2015

FLAp Podcast ep. 1: ROBIN WILLIAMS


I created FLAp Podcast, a film, literature and art podcast, in September of 2015. We will publish discussions on various topics of these fields as video podcast episodes and invite all of you to be part of it. Is there anything you are interested in, anything you would like to talk about with someone? Then get in touch with us. The only "rule" is that the topic must fit in the categories of film, literature or art.

In October 2015 we published our first FLAp Podcast episode. I discussed ROBIN WILLIAMS' performance in his last dramatic film BOULEVARD, as well as the performance of the rest of the main cast; I also focused on the story and the cinematography. Enjoy the review and the film clips. Make sure to also check out the second FLAp Podcast episode, in which co-host Jens and I take a look at further aspects of the movie.

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